Detailed Information

  • Date: 7 August 2022 ( 18.15 - 21.00 )

  • Venue: Terra Mineralia (Schloss Freudenstein Schlossplatz 4 09599 Freiberg )

Icebreaker: The Icebreaker will take place on Sunday, 7 August from 18.15 - 21.00 in the rooms of   Terra Mineralia . Please note that the Terra Mineralia exhibition, which is open to the public, does not close until 6.00 pm, so access for us will not be possible until then. We will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition rooms during the Icebreaker. The address is: Schloss Freudenstein Schlossplatz 4 09599 Freiberg. Please cross the bridge to the castle entrance via the castle courtyard and keep slightly to the right. The modern entrance cannot be missed.