Analytical Geochemistry Quality Assurance Short Course


  • Why proper terminology matters

  • Method validation

  • Estimating measurement uncertainty 

  • Metrological traceability

  • The role of proficiency testing

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Commercial Geoanalysis

The target group of the workshop "Commercial Geoanalysis" are young PostDocs and PhD students who want to familiarise themselves with the possibilities of a career in this field or who are thinking about founding a start-up company.

The following topics will be covered in the 1-day workshop:

  • How to run a big commercial lab

  • QA – QM in a big commercial lab

  • (Routine)analytics for Geological Surveys “What we need and why?”

  • (Routine)analytics for Exploration Companies “What we need and why and how soon?”

  • “Outside academia” – Build your own start-up

    • How and why – What you need to bear in mind, topics like market, finances, regulations.

    • How to develop sustainably? Should one grow or look for a special niche?

    • Case studies from two Freiberg based start-ups

Lab visits to Eurofins Umwelt Ost GmbH Freiberg and an interactive workshop complete the program.

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Automated Mineralogy


  • Standardized workflow for checking the performance of an EDS X-ray spectrometer at a Scanning Electron Microscope

  • Multi scale in situ non destructive micro XRF scanning analysis

  • Datahandling, export and archiving using TESCAN TIMA

  • Applications of automated mineralogy in commercial analysis and evaluation for the mining industry

  • Automated mineralogy data has been delivered to mineral processing engineers. What should happen now?

  • Uncertainties in the context of automated mineralogy

  • The transition to 3D (automated?) mineralogy

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Field portable analytical instrumentation - instrumental basics, measurement strategies and data inter-comparison

The two-day workshop deals with the professional use of analytical instruments in the field. The instrumentation discussed covers the entire spectrum from various types of portable instruments to drill core scanners. The following main topics will be covered:

  • Uncertainties of measurement and sampling

  • Quality assurance and management

  • Analytical methods

    • XRF

    • LIBS

    • Raman (Time-gated)

    • FTIR (NIR)

    • Hyperspectral methods

  • Measurement strategies

  • Real world applications

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SIMS Analysis

The two-day workshop will cover the following topics:

  • SIMS fundamentals: ion generation, ion transport, ion detection

  • Comparison of micro-analytical techniques: SIMS, Laser Ablation, Atom Probe

  • SIMS sample preparation and documentation

  • How to make a micro-analytical Reference Material

  • SIMS isotope ratio determinations

  • Depth Profiling

  • Super-SIMS: The Rossendorf initiative

  • Super-SIMS - lab visit

  • Ion implanters - lab visit

  • Overview of Helium Ion Microscope - lab visit

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