All lectures, the poster session and the exhibition will take place in the newly opened venue "Schlossplatzquartier". This building in the historic city centre of Freiberg offers excellent presentation possibilities. Conference participants therefore have the opportunity to switch easily between the individual events of the conference.

Workshops - I

Two of the workshops will take place in the facilities of the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology.

Workshops - 2

The SIMS-Workshop will take place at the Ion Beam Center in the facilities of the Helmholtz-Center Dresden-Rossendorf.

Workshops - 3

The Commercial Geoanalysis-Workshop will take place in the facilities of Eurofins Umwelt Ost GmbH Freiberg.


There are hotels of different price ranges and sizes in Freiberg. Most of them are located in the centre of the medieval town, i.e. in the immediate vicinity of the conference building “Schloßplatzquartier”. Some are located near the edge of town. Here you have to plan a slightly longer walk to the conference building, but you can enjoy the beauties of the medieval architecture. There is also the possibility to use the public transport in Freiberg.

You will not find any giant hotels of the big hotel chains in Freiberg, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy individual accommodation and Saxon hospitality.

The following link will take you to the website for the non-binding reservation:

Hotel reservation

Please note that the date for a non-binding reservation is already 31 March 2022. This is also the end of the Early-Bird Registration.


There are some other, much cheaper but also simpler accommodations, especially for students. If you are interested, please contact the organizing committee via this e-mail address:

Organisation Committee